Does Your Process Cost The Sector Too Much Money?  Dr. Streamline explores a Sector Cost Audit Tool

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Let’s say you’re a funder that cares about a particular community or wants to address a specific issue. You might accept proposals in a responsive grantmaking program or in response to a more issue-specific open Request for Proposals. Let’s say you require a five or ten page proposal with a budget template and perhaps some […]

2014-09-11 fall for feedback Autumn-Fall-Leaves-HD-Wallpaper

Falling for Feedback

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It’s fall, and maybe there’s a change in the air along with cooler temperatures. Maybe it’s just me and my biases, but it seems that there’s been an uptick in the conversation about the need for grantmakers to seek and use candid feedback from community nonprofits and stakeholders. From the National Committee on Responsive Philanthropy’s […]